Reden Reviews website is being rebuild

While we are rebuilding the website go to our discord on for more info on the project

What is Reden Reviews

Reden reviews is a blockchain project that aims to derisk and secure the cryptocurrency world.

We want to achieve this:

  1. Researching and providing an in-depth review of cryptocurrency projects, by our core team and through crowdsourcing. All this platform that is backed by our blockchain and masternodes
  2. Providing a secure way for cryptocurrency projects to gather and use funds with Reden as a intermediary
  3. Providing assurance for early adopters of the project by securing a collateral from the project at start

More info in our white paper and in the product diagram


On 1 April 2018 developer “iodev” launched Eden, and in little over four days sold an estimated 90 masternodes before disappearing. Representing about 16 BTC.

He deleted the discord channel and would have succeeded in deleting the github code repository had it not been for the speedy action of several community members.

Within minutes @AT-sONk had opened a new discord channel, most of the community found its way there within the next few hours, and over the next days recruited more volunteers to save the project, with the goal from the outset to establish a community driven re-purpose for the project.

Since we launched the project, we have been through a chain swap, which was necessary to make sure that the blockchain is stable and without any malicious code. The relaunch of the new chain happened on the 21st of april.

Since then we have been working on the criteria and the long term vision.

During this period, we lost most of the team and the project went dormant for almost 6 months.

Filip “TheBeardBE” has been reactivating himself for the project by doing video reviews, twitch streams and slowly working on the platform.